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Shares a bit of insight to – Being a beautiful brown business woman in Switzerland

A friend to The EXPAT Magazine, Harriet Hamilton Froeiland is the owner of Boutique Le Clique, which translated means, “circle of friends”. She’s a British citizen, with family roots spanning four very different continents and while having been provided an upbringing within multiple countries and cultures, she is a genuine citizen of the world.

After graduating with degrees in International Business and Management Science from the UCLan, U.K. and Université Montpellier II, France respectively, she decided to move to Bergen, Norway with her then 11-year-old daughter. She quickly integrated and adapted to Norwegian culture by learning Norwegian so well she even spoke it with a pronounced Bergen dialect, she also engaged in human rights work for Raftostiftelsen whilst working full time for different public institutions. Finally she met and married her Norwegian husband and in 2002 they were blessed with twin daughters.

Their common path would lead them to Baden, Switzerland in 2005. With her family she quickly adapted to the language and Swiss culture by overseeing and managing the swift integration of her children into the Swiss society and attending finance classes at the University of Zurich. Indeed her family fell in love with the landscape, mountains and lakes situated around the village of Immensee, they thus bought a house and decided to settle in this beautiful area of Switzerland and to her amazement and joy she and her family were blessed with wonderful friends and neighbors.

Being a housewife was never on her agenda, as she was accustomed to working full time for most of her life, she decided to engage in volunteer work as Vice President of Ferienspass Bezirk Küssnacht in addition to venturing into her passion for fashion and textiles by purchasing a fashion shop on Haldenstrasse in Lucerne. Step-by-step she positioned and built “Le Clique” in the market by offering female customers unique and exclusive fashion brands composed of quality fabrics and textiles combined with a service that make her clients feel at ease, comfortable and at home. Harriet has certainly had to overcome challenges along the road being a black business woman in Switzerland, however capitalizing on her warm human touch, excellent customer service and unique fashion products she steadily overcame prejudices and challenges as they presented themselves. Today Le Clique is serving a broad international as well as a native Swiss customer base offering unique female fashion clothing for women with a taste for uniqueness, edge and style.

You can check out her upcoming web shop, or stop in anytime during opening hours.

Web Shop – www.boutique.leclique.ch


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