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Gabriella’s Cosmetics is a complete beauty care company originally formed in Kingston, Jamaica. Dubbed the “Jamaican Sephora” we achieved fast success among the beauty care industry in the Caribbean. Our offerings included cosmetics products, services, and fashion as well as retail sales of human hair products.

Our client list extended to the Expat community in Kingston, Jamaica supplying the beauty needs of amazing women who were unable to travel while serving beside their husbands for diplomatic reasons among other personal matters. 

After three years of extensive research and development in our new home of Switzerland, we are thrilled to release our line of cosmetics and hair care products to the market. We smile with the knowledge we’ve garnered knowing that our addition to the Swiss beauty market will be well received. Our confidence is based on our knowledge, fabulous customer service and excellent products. 

IMG_8261Gabriella’s Cosmetics™ stands for proper beauty care, treatment and management for all women. 

Please visit our website: to book your appointment for makeovers and/or tutorials and to purchase our products. 

Gabriella’s Beauty, “Awakening the Fabulous New You”

Personal Information

Terian Maegerle-Cunningham, from Kingston, Jamaica. She studied cosmetics, skin and hair care in her homeland of Jamaica and has continued her studies in her new home, Switzerland. She’s acquired her Degree in Cosmetics here and is currently completing her Diplom in Cosmetics and Hair Styling. 

IMG_6880Terian formed Gabriella’s Cosmetics™ in September 2009 in Kingston Jamaica as a hobby. The hobby became a passion for her and garnered her success among her peers in not only her hometown, but also amongst the Caribbean. She’s worked with many beauty brands including, Revlon Cosmetics, Mac Cosmetics, Milani Cosmetics studied with Avlon and Keracare Hair care brands among others. 

Mrs. Maegerle-Cunningham has been featured in several magazines and newspapers, in her hometown in Jamaica, having been featured in the Jamaica Observer and internationally within a style feature within Essence Magazine.

Terian is married with one lovely daughter Gabriella, who is the brands’ namesake. Her brand is her passion and she looks forward to enhancing beautiful women here in Switzerland. 


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