Camilla Jacobsen is Single In The City

Camilla Jacobsen


I ask you ladies… how does one know who’s who in Switzerland?

It all started in a bar in Zurich. We met some really nice gentlemen that evening at this special event, the grand opening of Magoosh! It’s the really cool restaurant and bar, which is in great location just steps away from the main station in Zurich. Open bar, free everything… great, cute and friendly staff… we were off to a great start. This was actually a Thursday evening and we had fun… big fun!

On another note… pertaining to some gentlemen we met on this fun evening out… the international language for I’ll take you out for dinner or “I’m inviting you girls for dinner” is that whomever is inviting out for dinner is picking up the bill… right? Am I wrong in assuming this? Or is it just me and my Norwegian heritage and upbringing? I suppose it’s slightly possible that over time I may have become extremely spoiled while living in Dubai?

In Dubai, the code is so extreme that when it comes to who is picking up the bill, that the men actually get highly insulted if you even offer to pay.  If they accept your offer to pay or even split the bill, they will lose their public respect and retain a bad reputation among friends as a penny-pinching cheap man… Anyhow, as I mentioned, I’m from Norway, so in the beginning of my adventure in Dubai, I really didn’t mind getting my own drinks or paying for my own dinners. It was the natural thing to do, though, MOST WOULDN”T ALLOW ME TO DO THIS.

Back to the episode in Zurich…. we met “ brown leather jacket guy” and a couple of his friends for dinner in a certain questionable area of Zurich at this Greek restaurant which is owned by one of his friends.

To make a long story short, this person; and I refuse to use the word gentleman, invited us for dinner at best friend’s restaurant, he ordered everything on the menu, and when the bill came he wanted us girls to pay for the food… ( Not the drinks mind you.. because in his world, I’m sure it’s ok to pay to get ladies to drink…). First of all, we didn’t choose the restaurant and second, we didn’t order the food – we didn’t even really want to eat.  As you can imagine, we looked exceptionally hot in our perfectly styled outfits. The shock, or rather unexpected reaction that we all had to this request was a rude awakening and hopefully an embarrassment for “brown leather jacket guy”. It was a “he doesn’t know the code”, or “he didn’t get the memo” situation. The cheap guy was thoroughly advised by one of us fierce ladies of this poorly executed display and thus, picked up the check.

I should have known from the looks of his characteristic brown leather jacket that he was “one of those” guys. – You can’t judge a book by its cover… really; society does this all the time! – So keep on judging ladies… if you see a guy in a dark brown, vintage, but not in that cool vintage way, but really just as if he’s actually had the jacket since it was in fashion, looking members only style jacket, RUN in the opposite direction… – Oh and stay clear of his table in the hole as well! –


Till next time – Camilla Jacobsen – Single In The City


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